Planado subscription plans

Once you start using Planado you can choose your subscription plan. Different subscription plans vary in the set of features provided. In order to get access to most features and have more employees able to add and edit data you’ll have to choose a paid subscription plan.

a plan
  • Planado - field management software
  • Basic
    per user
    Starter version
    for the dispatcher and
    two field workers
  • Standard
    per user
    For any companies,
    with notifications and
    team support,
    by city and region
  • BEST
    per user
    For automated companies,
    with integrations support,
    digital signature, calculating
    the mileage and
    repeating jobs.
  • Enterprise
    GETin touch
    Same as Pro, but
    with extended service and options
+ Full feature list
Mobile app
iOS and Android mobile apps for field worker
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Calendar scheduling
Weekly and daily calendar planning
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Scheduling on map
Scheduling jobs using map view
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View assigned jobs on map in mobile App and use apps of choice for navigation.
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Live GPS tracking
Geotag job-related activities: taking photos, filling fields, performing actions.
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Time tracking
Calculate work time, with pause option.
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Multiple trips
One job can have multiple travels.
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File attachments
Attach any file to job
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Job forms
Customizable job templates
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Photo report
Multiple photo reports up to 10 photo each. For example: before and after
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Scan QR-codes
QR-codes scaner
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Customizable worker skills. Pick worker for job by required skill
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Jobs upload
Import jobs, clients, sites, addresses and workers from CSV or XLSX files
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Access rights
Separate permissions for viewing and editing jobs, accessing all web app pages.
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Time zones
Time zone settings are not global, every user can work in their own time zone.
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1-on-1 product support
personal support for every client
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Client notifications
Configurable SMS-templates for messaging customer about upcoming jobs or services.
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Included SMS (text messages)
100 text messages included.
Create jobs in mobile app
Field worker can create jobs in mobile app if permission granted
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Group field workers in teams. Only one seat required for whole team!
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Configure personal schedule for every worker according to his shifts displayed in common job schedule
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Use Territories to distribute jobs by city districts
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Linked jobs
Created from the original job, linked to it and inheriting data. It allows to create revision-jobs and new jobs with common data.
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Mileage tracking
Tracking of mileage and travel time
on on
Print layouts
Create complex templates for printing finished jobs in the form required for reporting.
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Batch operations
Changing job parameters according to the filtered list, and not individually.
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Documents signing
Clients can sign documents with on-screen signature
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Recurring jobs
Automate scheduling of regular works with recurring jobs
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Programmable button
Programmable hooks that are triggered when field worker presses buttons in mobile app. In response, you can show messages, modify existing or add new fields to jobs.
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Flexible fields
Use API for adding or hiding fields in existing jobs.
on on
API for integration with any other software ERP, CRM or helpdesk
on on
Sending webhooks on event. Syncing data via webhooks allows to avoid periodic requests for data changes. Changes will be propagated to outer systems automaticly as they happen in Planado.
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Helpdesk and CRM integration
Integration with all popular Helpdesk and CRM systems out of the box. Salesforce, Freshdesk, Hubspot, Jira, Google Docs, Zapier
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Salesforce Streaming API
Native Integration with Salesforce out of the box
Data storage localisation
Configure Planado to store data in your country
at extra charge at extra charge
Data storage no limit no limit no limit no limit
Readonly users no limit no limit no limit no limit
Data expiration
Period of time while we store client data
no limit no limit no limit no limit
5% when paying 3 month ahead,
10% when paying 6 month ahead,
15% when paying 12 month ahead
15% annual 15% annual 15% annual 15% annual

Efficiency calculator

Calculate the effect of using Planado just for one month.
Get up to 15% discount paying for 3 month ahead or full year!

Free options

Managers, marketers, installers, and other employees
who use application only to view job information, reports or any other data
get to use Planado free of charge



If you choose a paid subscription plan, you’ll get 100 text messages which you can use to send reminders to your clients.

If you run out of text messages, each subsequent one will cost 2 RUR.

What equipment do I need?

Planado is a cloud service

  • No installation required
  • No need to hire
    additional technical staff
  • No server required

Office employees (e.g. dispatchers, managers) can access Planado from their desktops or tablets.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are supported.

To use Planado your employees will need a tablet or smartphone with iOS or Android and Internet access (at least one per team).

All software requirements are listed in app description on the application page in store.
Your employees can use their personal phones as well.

Ask us a question

  • We set up your personal copy of Planado at our data center.
  • You manage your employees’ access to Planado.
  • To sign in Planado each employee must enter his or her own login and password.
  • You can restrict employee access at any moment.
  • All data on the server are reliably backed up and encrypted.

Still not sure?

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