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Do your employees perform field work
at your clients’ premises?

Planado makes your mobile workers’ jobs transparent
for you and your colleagues in the office! Planado will help your employees
work more efficiently and make your business more profitable.

The Dispatcher

Finds out immediately about any sudden issues occurring in field work. Coordinates changes to your schedule “on the fly”.

On their desktop

The Worker

Receives instructions
on what to do. Is accountable for the quality.

On a smartphone or tablet

The Client

Is informed when your workers arrive at site. Considering this, can easily plan their day.

Receives SMS-reminders

The Manager

Monitors the quality of the finished jobs. Keeps track of inefficient employees.

On their laptop, desktop or tablet

Language support

  • English
    Field worker
  • Español
    Field worker
  • عرب
    Field worker
  • Français
    Field worker
  • Português
    Field worker
  • Čeština
    Field worker
  • Suomalainen
    Field worker
  • Русский
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  • Български
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  • Azərbaycan
    Field worker

Have a look at what
your business will be capable of with Planado

Without Planado
With Planado
Less control
  • You don’t know for sure where your workers are
  • You don’t know how much time they spent doing their job
More control
  • You know your workers’ current location
  • You have a full history of their actions and know the amount of time they spent on a particular task
Non-steady quality
  • You can’t monitor the quality of finished jobs
  • You don’t know whether your workers have completed all tasks or not
Consistent quality
  • Your workers’ photo reports will make it easier to maintain high quality of jobs
  • With the help of Checklists your workers won’t miss any steps of their jobs
Inefficient planning
  • You don’t have the ability to seamlessly change your schedule on the fly
  • Standard planning methods doesn’t always show the actual state of affairs
Practical planning
  • With the online planner your workers will be informed of any schedule changes
  • You can easily keep track of everything that you or your workers do
Poor client interaction
  • You don’t have economic means to remind your clients of an upcoming job
  • Your workers can’t notify your clients of the time of their arrival
Productive client interaction
  • Planado will send out reminding messages to your clients whenever you want it to
  • Your clients will get notifications when your workers set off to their site
Manual reporting
  • Your workers have to deal with their paperwork manually
  • You have to go through the procedure of verifying your workers’ reports again and again
Record keeping
Automatic reporting
  • Your workers make and keep reports online
  • Reports are sent from the worker’s mobile app to your desktop web application
  • Automatic mileage tracking

Planado improves the efficiency of your business

A leading international company providing services in the field of management consulting,
McKinsey & Company, conducted a study on how the application of electronic job services
affects company’s numbers


fewer canceled jobs when your employee is already at the client’s door


fewer unnecessary trips to your client’s premises


fewer calls from your clients asking when your employees will arrive


higher performance quality of your field workers


faster response time to urgent requests

Planado is the first online field service management software that not only offers companies GPS monitoring, but also assists them in integrating a company-wide quality standard.

Planado provides a revolutionary way for businesses to cut back expenses on communication and boosts employees’ efficiency and performance.

Who is Planado for

Planado can be applicable to many different business areas. Here are just some of them:

  • Telecom
  • HVAC
  • Windows, doors
  • Housing and public utilities
  • Delivery
Improving efficiency of your business.
Вентиляция, отопление
Improving efficiency of your business.
Окна, двери, жалюзи
Improving efficiency of your business.
Improving efficiency of your business.
Improving efficiency of your business.
Improving efficiency of your business.
Improving efficiency of your business.
Ремонт бытовой техники
Improving efficiency of your business.
Охранно-пожарная сигнализация
Improving efficiency of your business.
Improving efficiency of your business.
  • Cleaning
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Household appliance repair
  • Medicine
  • Furniture

And other businesses!

We are trusted by

  • Alexey Yatsenko

    Head of Service Department, John Deere Dealer in Eastern Europe

    The Planado application was selected from the contestants and integrated with 1C:СRM. This gave us following improvements:
    1) reducing the time of daily meetings,
    2) automatic scheduling of work for several days ahead;
    3) monitoring the progress of jobs execution;
    4) reducing the risk of losing the recommendations of service engineers;
    5) acceleration of processing of primary information;
    6) obtaining information on the actual job status, time spent, paths and locations of employees.
    PLANADO applications were approved by the employees of our service department and led to an increase in the division's revenue.

  • Kameliya Evgenieva


    It was important that our field workers turned out to be more coordinated at work, more compelling and proficient with their time management in regard to non-business-related tasks.
    By utilizing Planado's User friendly interface, our field technicians managed to increase their productivity levels by 28%. Individual workers or foremans with teams are now much easier to oversee and plan. Likewise, to acknowledge their tasks history, tracking and challenges, where you can monitor by using GPS.
    Planado app not only helps for work consistency but to endure with our installations and repair policies. Additionally, custom functionalities are also implemented, for example provisioning of network devices and inventory management.
    I recommend Planado's Field Service for your field work.

  • Alexander Krasnobaev

    System engineer of the data transmission network of TVINGO Telecom LLC, Rostelecom group of companies

    Want to raise your workers' productivity? How? Ask Planado! Field worker's control service Planado solved most of our problems with workers' management. Helpful checklist, geotracking, photo report and jobs analytics — these are the functions that we were looking for. By using API we synchronized Planado with our operations support system (Onyma xRM) that helped us fully automate jobs creation and finishing. Adequate support solves all problems in short terms. Highly recommended!

  • Margarita Shved

    deputy head of special assessment of labor conditions department Ecostandard Group

    Planado system gives us an ability to control our workers across the country from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Due to the specifics of our work, our mobile workers are sent to remote parts of the country but despite it, we can trace their location and time of work. Also, Planado and Bitrix24 integration helps automatization of our company's internal processes. Planado team does everything to help us use their system with maximum efficiency and always promptly deals with our requests and answers all our questions in detail.

  • Pavel Bakulin

    We install and maintain air conditioners in the Krasnodar Region

    Planado’s features allow me to communicate with clients efficiently, minimize the amount of dispatchers I have to employ, reduce response time to clients’ requests, and reduce gas mileage costs.

  • Vitaliy Zubov

    senior engineer of Gazbytservice, LLC

    Planado really helps working with gas verification officers mobile teams. We specially appreciate such functions as: real-time job status update, photo report that you can save in archive, ability to organize work process without worker's self-activity, jobs arranging by date and time with ability to trace history of work in a day, map routing, flexible form of settings of job's templates, resolutions and types.

  • Elena Gvozdeva

    beauty medicine company CLS International

    Planado solved our problem of lack of trust in field staff. Now all their actions are transparent and directly controlled by their superiors. That raised our work discipline. Using Planado integration with amoCRM helped to connect leads with jobs which eased coordination.

  • Dmitry Ivanov

    head of the installation department in Fishnet Communications

    After Planado implementation our work with field stuff got on a new level. Thanks to photo-reports which can be done only in a job's place, the quality of work has raised. Workers know that the results of their work are saved in the system. Working discipline got better, we raised a number of jobs per worker. We are planning to integrate Hydra billing which will help workers to connect clients on the fly.

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